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About Us

Guitarreria de Buenos Aires is a space in which you will find current musical instruments and of collection.

Guitarrería de Buenos Aires offers the possibility to acquire appraised instruments, approved and certified by technicians in luthería, to reasonable prices.

Guitarreria de Buenos Aires buy for your clients classic guitars, from luthier, flamencas, of colector, lutes, mandolinas and other instruments of dotted string

Guitarreria de Buenos Aires exposes and receives built instruments with the most diverse materials, always derived of a task of of investigation carried out by luthiers of prestige.

Guitarreria de Buenos Aires will never offer him an arbitrated wooden guitar or agglomerate, product of carpentries or you manufacture of furniture in series.

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Hugo Lucchelli Bonadeo and Mariano Rocca

How to buy

To buy a Guitar

  • Once you had been contacted to our e-mail discovering about a guitar, and you want to begin the purchase of the same one, we will communicate you the budget of the shipment.
  • Guitarreria de Buenos Aires sends guitars to any part of the world
  • The shipping is by DHL
  • The cost of the guitar, add the cost of the shipment, is the mount total that should send by Western Union
  • We are going to inform to whom go directed the money shipment
  • Once completed the shipment of money, you should send us the transaction code that will be granted by Western Union
  • Immediately of having received the money, we make the shipping of the guitar by DHL

Consignment and Buying

Guitarrería de Buenos Aires compra para sus clientes guitarras clásicas, eléctricas, de estudio, de autor, flamencas, de colección, laudes, mandolinas y otros instrumentos de cuerdas puntedas

Recibimos guitarras en consignación para su exposición y venta.

Contactarse al Whatsapp: +54 911 5830-0616

Guitarrería de Buenos Aires purchase for their clients classic guitars, electric guitars, study guitars,of author, flamencas, of collection, lutes and mandolins

We receive guitars in consignment for their exhibition and sale.



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Buenos Aires - Argentina