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Galan Rafael 1926


Top - Tapa - Tampo - Decke - Table d´harmonie - トップ
Pino abeto alemán / German Spruce

Back and Sides - Fondo y Aros - Fundo e Lateral ou faixas - Fond Éclisse - Fondo - バックとボディサイド
Nogal Tucumano / Walnut

Fingerboard - Diapason - Escala - Touche - Tastiera - フィンガーボード
Ebano / Ebony

Details - Detalles - Detalhes - Détails - Particolari - 詳細

Lenght= 640 mm


Juan y Rafael Galan
Juan Galán Rodriguez (Málaga, 1876- d. Buenos Aires, Argentina 19??)

Juan Galán Rodriguez was born in Malaga in 1876. He was the son of the
distinguished luthier, Juan Galán Caro, also a native of Malaga, who had in
turn learned his art from Antonio Lorca, the father. Working with his father,
Juan became a master guitar maker. In 1906, he decided to move to Buenos Aires,
and beginning in 1908 he began building guitars in Argentina. In Argentina, he
became a grand figure in the guitar world, and all the great artists of his day
were drawn to his workshop

Rafael Galán Rodriguez (b. Málaga 1888- d. Buenos Aires, Argentina ??)

    Rafael Galán Rodriguez was born in Málaga. Like his brother Juan was
trained by his father. In 1908, he moved to Buenos Aires and remained active
there for some decades. 


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